Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis is an electronic music producer and DJ with almost two decades of experience. Starting out at 17 with basic software and tools he knew he’d found his passion for producing and has never stopped. Over the years Andrew has also DJ’d in a variety of places and genres; lately focusing on sets that are entirely self-produced and often packed full of pre-release tracks.

Blending the boundaries between Techno, Trance and House Andrews sound is unmistakably club focused giving him all the tools needed to move a dance floor. With releases under Bonzai Progressive, Blue Monkey Records, Typ3 Records and many others Andrew talents have been supported by a huge number of DJs across the world.

With incredible drive and passion behind him it’s no wonder he is so prolific. It’s not uncommon for Andrew to release dozens of tracks in a year all at top-notch quality. Having created an enviable track record Andrew is now focused on further building his unique sound, releasing more tracks and bringing those sounds to sculpt unique experiences in the club scene.

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